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Melting Ice

I set out to capture a cool fire and ice shot tonight. I didn’t have a lot of success with that; I think I need a better burning surface, and maybe a better fuel. However, I thought the melting ice made a cool animated gif! The last chunk of each cube really went out in one quick pop. I wonder why that is?

That’s a plate of vodka, in case you were wondering.

I had several problems getting a decent shot:

1) The plate is kind of convex, so the vodka wanted to be on the outside, not with the ice. I really want the opposite.

2) The plate is not ideal for a background. I think I want a piece of glass on black background…maybe? ‘

3) Vodka just isn’t that great a fuel. It has to have sufficient quantity, and be warmed in order to burn at all. Two bad it wouldn’t burn cold, because when I pulled it out of the freezer it was nice and syrupy and would actually stay where I poured it.

For a brief moment the thought, “Can I build a still out of what I have in my kitchen?”, did cross my mind.