I’ve always heard Vancouver Island is beautiful. This summer we went to see for ourselves, and it really was a fun trip. Lots of beautiful wooded coastline. The BC Parks campground reservation system is pretty good, and there are a lot of places to camp. We managed to plan this in the summer on fairly short notice.

Two places we stumbled upon stand out to me as worthy of mention:

Swimming hole / (short) cliff dive spot

If you’re driving down BC-4 to Tofino, you’ll come across this parking area along the river. Chances are, you’ll notice, because there will be other people parked there. It’s worth stopping to have a look. Actually, it’s worth getting your bathing suit out and having a nice cold jump into the pools. You can ease in if you prefer, but there are also some deep pools with some moderately high rocks to jump off of.


Bomber Trail in Tofino

Judging by the number of people we saw there, this spot isn’t too closely held a secret, but it isn’t advertised at all by the park service, or on their maps. It’s pretty cool, in part because finding it is a bit of an adventure. We ended up here because some locals we met at a restaurant said this is one of the things we should go do while we were in town, even though it would probably be muddy (it was a bit, yeah). So thank you helpful strangers.

Some tips on where to find it


Some more pictures